Christmas Baking: Cookies and Gingerbread

Christmas may very well be my favorite holiday of the year.  There's the tree and decorations, outdoor lights, music, and of course, baking.  Each year I set out to make an assortment of Christmas cookies usually consisting of pecan fingers, some sort of chocolate chip, and decorated sugar cookies with the two men in my... Continue Reading →

New Year…New Me

Happy New Years Bakers! It's 2019, a year of change for this baker!  I started this blog in 2017 to document my journey with baking with the hope that one day I can open my own bakery.  Well, I have to confess that I haven't been that great at documenting my journey on a regular... Continue Reading →

Setting the goal

Good morning bakers! I'm very excited to share my journey with you in all things baking.  I've not written a blog before but thought, hey why not give it a shot.  I'll be myself and share my adventure of baking with the world (or the few followers that I may inherent over time) to document... Continue Reading →

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