Cake, Cake and More Cake

This week’s post is not going to feature recipes, its going to be a tale of a girl that started this baking journey through cake.

I started this journey more than 18 years ago when my son was just a baby (OMG time flies). I saw these elaborate cakes in magazines for birthday parties and thought I would love to make my son a homemade decorated cake each year starting with his 1st birthday.  I had cake recipes and knew the basics on frosting but wanted to learn a bit more.  So I enrolled in a cake decorating class at MATC (Milwaukee Area Technical College).  I quickly learned that I didn’t know squat about cake decorating.  In my first semester I learned all about piping bags using parchment, different tips for different designs and how making a decorated cake took time, usually a day or more so that you can cool the cake and then frost in stages.  I honestly didn’t even know what “crumb-coat” was until I started this class.

I obviously had lots to learn but I loved every minute of that class.  And since then I have been baking cakes for birthdays, showers, parties, holidays and just because.  I am by no means an expert, I’m just a girl that loves to bake and I value substance over style every time.  Flavor is most important to me but I do try my best and throw love into every cake I make.   I know quite well that there are much better looking cakes that others have created and I use their pictures as inspiration to grow as a baker.

Below is a slideshow of cakes that I have done.  Be warned, I might have a few pictures with some old pics of me and yes I did sport those bangs for a long time.  LOL.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One other noteworthy item… I started this journey with my son in mind and as a twist in irony, I learned a few years ago that he doesn’t even really like cake that much.  He’ll still asks for a homemade cake for his birthday (he’s quite traditional and he sure loves his mom) and I’ll oblige every time.

Happy Baking!


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